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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Cold and Blustery Day at Snoqualmie Falls

Masako, my ESL homestay student, and I made a quick trip out to Snoqualmie Falls, April Fools Day, 2010. I haven't been out to the falls in several years. We browsed through the Snoqualmie Falls gift shop and then headed over to The Salish Lodge and Spa gift store.

The Salish Lodge and Spa gift store had some interesting items. There was a mat that had small flat stones attached to it. I don't know how effective that would be for a walk-off mat to catch the dirt, mud or water off your shoes but it was a neat idea. They also sold bags of Salish Lodge farm pancake mix. I didn't buy any at the time but I considered it again when I saw it at Albertson's grocery store the other day. I may need to find a special occasion to go have breakfast at the Lodge restaurant. They use to put on a feast for breakfast and then pour the maple syrup onto your pancakes from over your head. The last time I ate at the Lodge restaurant was for my 18th birthday dinner with my mom, dad and my future husband. That was a wee bit ago. We've been married now for 20 years.

The Snoqualmie Falls gift shop had a sign in it for purchase that read "A Grumpy Old Bear lives here with his Honey". I took a picture of it on my cell phone and sent it to my husband. He isn't usually a grumpy old bear but I thought he'd enjoy the play on words. I usually bring home honey sticks from the Pike Place Market when I take my ESL homestay students there.

Masako was with us during her spring break, so we only had her a week. She did a simple Japanese Tea Ceremony for us. She is in a Japanese Tea Ceremony Club at school in Japan.

Have you ever been to Snoqualmie Falls?
When was the last time you were there?
Did you see it when it was frozen in March, 2010?

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