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Saturday, January 30, 2010

What do you get when you mix Winnie Cooper and Leanne Tuohy? Me!

Last night Grant and I went to see The Blind Side. If Winnie Cooper is my look alike then Leanne Tuohy is my (near) personality match.

  • I have an Interior Design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and worked as a commercial designer for a few years before becoming a Stay-At-Home-Homeschooling-Mom.
  • I married an entrepreneur/football player.
  • I am a foster/adopt parent.
  • I have told the football coach how to do things better.
  • I was on the high school dance drill team but NEVER a cheerleader.
  • My youngest son is somewhat like SJ and my daughter is a sweetheart like Collins.
  • I don't know yet which son will go on to play football for the Huskies and then the Seahawks.
  • Anyone threatening my kid will definately see the mother bear in me come out to defend them.
Some differences are that my couch didn't cost $10K but we have a designated guest room for anyone coming to stay. Cheerleading has to be specifically defined before I will even consider it a real sport! I'm rarely seen dressed in a style other than sporty-causual. I live in the casual northwest not the south.

I told Grant on Thursday that given a few hours I could get the YMCA front desk and staff better organized for effieciency. Monday, I'm heading to Washington DC to see what I can do there.

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