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Friday, November 22, 2013

Toastmasters Interntational, Growthmasters Club president Mike Littleton's Testimonial

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Creativity Beast...feed yours!

Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?


Watch this and be inspired to create, to be curious, to think outside the educational box!

What did you do as a result of watching this video? Did you stretch yourself to create a new connection? Turn on some music and dance with me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yes, homeschoolers can go to Prom!

Yes, homeschoolers can go to Prom!

One of the bizarre questions I was repeatedly asked about homeschooling, even back when we announced our plan to homeschool 18 years ago, was, "What about prom?" (Really - as if the mom of a little child thinks that is a pressing problem :)

But I always tried to answer, politely, something on the order of, 'Prom is not the purpose of high school, a good education is our goal', and that we wanted to focus on that aspect.

So, fast forward a few years (well, 18 of them) and our always-been- traditionally- homeschooled son DID end up going to prom. (Twice, actually.)

So, I pondered, do I mention this to my fellow HSA parents, or be reticent about it. I decided to post it, because homeschoolers need to know they can do it all, if they want to....(and if the timing is right). Just like 'school' kids, they need to meet the right girl (boy), at the right time, (spring of senior year is a good time!), and from the right school (some schools don't allow outsiders at prom - most do). There is no promise these stars will all align at the right moment, whether public-, private-, or home- schooling, but life works that way sometimes.

Homeschooling takes all of us in different paths. For our son, swimming lead to friendships scattered around the country, leading to a friendship with a very special young woman - and to prom - in Cincinnati. So for those of you with little ones - when you are asked that prom question, just say, "Sure they can go to prom!" and relax - follow your homeschool path where it takes you, and enjoy the trip!

Connie Sholdra
homeschool mom
guest author to Victorious Adventurous Life

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buried Life guys....I'm inspired!

The Buried Life guys have inspired me.

My life list has items checked off but now I'm inspired to pursue them more vigorously.

One that is checked off is ride a camel. Riding a camel was on my granny's list of things she wanted to do. I don't think she ever did it. In 2006 while I was in Israel, I had the opportunity to pay $6, I think it was, to ride a camel. The ride was just around the parking lot on the Mount of Olives but hey I "rode" a camel. I have a picture of my riding a camel on my bathroom shelf. A similiar list item is to ride an elephant, perhaps in India. I recently was contacted by a CouchSurfer from India. He is an elephant owner, who takes tourists on elephant rides and he also allows CouchSurfers to stay with him. How cool is that!

Watch the video below and leave me things on your list that might inspire me to do what's on your life wish list too!

Become a member of Victorious Adventurous Life and let's inspire eachother to live life fully!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Washington State Cougars....not in this house!

One of the kids' friends left their cat sack in our house. Grant took some of my red duct tape and made some alterations.

The friend who left this had a good laugh, BUT he first guessed it was me! No way! I wouldn't have done it. I'm not that anti-Coug. Grant is a big University of Washington, Husky fan. You should see how he reacts to the Oregon State Ducks!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Safeco Field High School Game

My son, Austin, sold the most Mariner tickets and therefore earned a spot for his dad to be an honorary coach for the night for the high school game played on the Mariner's field with the roof closed! So very nice for the fans!

The Shirt Show Down

We are just having a little family friendly competition. We love to laugh and compete!