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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yes, homeschoolers can go to Prom!

Yes, homeschoolers can go to Prom!

One of the bizarre questions I was repeatedly asked about homeschooling, even back when we announced our plan to homeschool 18 years ago, was, "What about prom?" (Really - as if the mom of a little child thinks that is a pressing problem :)

But I always tried to answer, politely, something on the order of, 'Prom is not the purpose of high school, a good education is our goal', and that we wanted to focus on that aspect.

So, fast forward a few years (well, 18 of them) and our always-been- traditionally- homeschooled son DID end up going to prom. (Twice, actually.)

So, I pondered, do I mention this to my fellow HSA parents, or be reticent about it. I decided to post it, because homeschoolers need to know they can do it all, if they want to....(and if the timing is right). Just like 'school' kids, they need to meet the right girl (boy), at the right time, (spring of senior year is a good time!), and from the right school (some schools don't allow outsiders at prom - most do). There is no promise these stars will all align at the right moment, whether public-, private-, or home- schooling, but life works that way sometimes.

Homeschooling takes all of us in different paths. For our son, swimming lead to friendships scattered around the country, leading to a friendship with a very special young woman - and to prom - in Cincinnati. So for those of you with little ones - when you are asked that prom question, just say, "Sure they can go to prom!" and relax - follow your homeschool path where it takes you, and enjoy the trip!

Connie Sholdra
homeschool mom
guest author to Victorious Adventurous Life

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