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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Buried Life guys....I'm inspired!

The Buried Life guys have inspired me.

My life list has items checked off but now I'm inspired to pursue them more vigorously.

One that is checked off is ride a camel. Riding a camel was on my granny's list of things she wanted to do. I don't think she ever did it. In 2006 while I was in Israel, I had the opportunity to pay $6, I think it was, to ride a camel. The ride was just around the parking lot on the Mount of Olives but hey I "rode" a camel. I have a picture of my riding a camel on my bathroom shelf. A similiar list item is to ride an elephant, perhaps in India. I recently was contacted by a CouchSurfer from India. He is an elephant owner, who takes tourists on elephant rides and he also allows CouchSurfers to stay with him. How cool is that!

Watch the video below and leave me things on your list that might inspire me to do what's on your life wish list too!

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