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Friday, January 29, 2010

Crocheting on the Side of the Road

What has got me crocheting on the side of the road, you ask?                                             A flat tire is the answer.
Yesterday, Grant came home to get his briefcase for an estimate appointment. A few minutes after leaving the house I received a call that he had a flat tire down the hill. Interrupting their school lessons, I loaded up the four boys I had at home, the spare tire and headed to the rescue location.
After a few attempts to raise the van with a borrowed jack that was too small for the work van, I called AAA. The boys were sent to the park across the street to play. Grant took the Suburban to his appointment and made it on time. Yea!
AAA was going to be there within an hour. The work van only has one passenger seat and I had four boys so I sent them walking. We weren't too far from home. I had brought my crocheting along, thinking I might have to wait for AAA. You might think I've done this before.
I am working on a blanket for one of my honorary sons, Steve. His birthday was in late December, so I'm a little behind on the gift. Steve thinks I've always been an adult, just like my kids. I say that I am just a mom-to-many, pretty much to anyone who will call me "Mom".
Shortly after I took this picture using the timer with the camera sitting on the van's bumper AAA showed up. The AAA service guy asked, "Besides this, how is your day going?" I responded, "This is nothing. The sun is out. It's not raining. I don't have anywhere to be." This causes me to reflect on the situation in Haiti. All I am dealing with is a flat tire. Haitians are trying to survive. Many have lost what little they had. If given the chance I think I will go see if I can help them in Haiti. I just can't relate from afar. I just can't get understanding of living in poverty and to have lost loved-ones and all my possessions. If I'm roughing it sitting on the side of the road crocheting while waiting for help to arrive within the hour what do you call what many in the world are living in every day. What can I do to help alleviate their situation? Why was I given the great priveledge to have been born in the USA, with all of it's economic opportunities? I have got to share what I've been given. I've been given much, to share much. I'm not just talking about money. I have an amazing family, great health, most of the time a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life. Hope! I need to share the hope I have that we can work together to make it through the struggles of life. The big struggles and the little struggles, earthquakes and flat tires; we can help eachother through these struggles. I can help.
Later that night, Grant again thanked me for helping him. I was just returning one of the many rescues he has done for me.

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