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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shoes Off or Shoes On?

We generally take our shoes off in our house. I like the idea of keeping the stuff from the outside ground from coming into our inside world. There are numerous things that may have attached themselves to anyone's shoes, such as: manure, spit, pesticides, gum, bug guts, seeds, chemicals, etc.

We allow guests to leave their shoes on if they are more comfortable that way. I also make available socks or slippers for guests. We don't have new carpet but we do sit and play on the carpet quite frequently. I hope to keep it fairly clean and non-toxic. I'm not an obsessive neat freak but I will do what I can to prevent uncleanliness.

I like the Japanese tradition (other countries do it too) of not wearing shoes in the house. We haven't always practiced this and sometimes it's just unpractical to be taking shoes on and off when working on projects or bringing in several bags of groceries.

I like to take my shoes off but not everybody does. On this one I choose to conform. I will take my shoes off at your house if you prefer it that way. Sometimes I even plan ahead and pack thick socks or slippers for visiting where I know I will be shoeless.

I'm thinking of posting a sign that says, "Care to bare your 'souls'?" I think it is a kind way to let visitors be informed of our general policy without demanding it.

Do you have any other kind way to request "No shoes"?

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