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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tambira Jehovah - Celebration Choir Zimbabwe

This is a video of some of my Zimbabwe friends. At the 3:35 mark is a tall blond on the left, Kerryn Demblon. I have had the privilege to host many of the people in this video in my home for a few minutes or for a few weeks. The Demblon family stayed with us for two weeks February 2009, along with Elle and Pastor Gao. May 8th through May 13th, 2010 we were able to host Elaine and Christine Demblon along with Elaine's parents, Jack and Heather Redmile. I just fell in love with them all, all over again. It stirred in me the desire to see them all in Zimbabwe soon.

The video is a bit out of focus but I believe that is Inesu as the main singer with Pastor Bonnie Deuschel.

Celebration Choir Zimbabwe, Celebration Ministries International

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